Welcome !

Welcome everyone to my very first blog, which will be about digital marketing!

I’ve always liked the Internet, social media and basically everything about online life. I’m interested in digital marketing since I’ve entered the university, 3 years ago. I find it very appealing, exciting and amusing compared to traditional marketing. It’s a tool of marketing with no limitations and lots of creativity.

I’ve had the chance to have two internships on digital marketing. First in Loreal Turkey – luxury division department and at the famous brand Lancome . Later, in a Turkish company called Teknosa, which focused more on e-commerce. These internships made me become much more enthusiastic about this topic, so I’ve decided to take this course for my spring semester I had in EM Strasbourg Business School in order to increase my knowledge and gain a wider perspective on this subject.

I’ve had an intense week on digital marketing this semester. Thanks to our teacher I’ve learnt a lot. Now, it’s my time to share what I’ve learnt with you.

This week, I will try my best to inform all of you about digital marketing in general. How companies use it, get help from it, why is it so necessary nowadays etc.

I will be writing 5 entries about 5 different sectors and how they use digital marketing. I will try to give you brief information and clean examples to help you understand the importance of digital marketing and its positive effects.

“ Brands need to find its target audience and then use digital marketing to figure out how to best connect with it.” (Ms. Mullen) 

I hope you all enjoy while reading!

 Very best,





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  1. Idil says:

    It seems very exiciting! Can’t wait to read it!!

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