Cosmetic Industry in Digital Marketing

My short Digital Marketing Project introducing new Lancome Visionnaire

As I’ve told you before, I’ve had the chance to had a digital marketing internship at Lancome, which is a famous brand in the cosmetic industry. Therefore I would like to start informing you about what I did in my internship there.

I was asked to prepare a digital marketing campaign within 2 weeks to introduce the new “Visionnaire Cream”.

The position of the product is very important when it comes to marketing. In this case Lancome is a luxury brand so marketing is much harder then for example marketing a Maybelline product. As a marketing person you have to think about the brand image and prepare your campaign accordingly.

Also, it was challenging trying to sell a cream, since you would not get the results immediately. Customer should be loyal to the product and also its usage to achieve the best results. Herewith I thought about creating an instagram campaign using the very well known blogger Rüya Büyüktetik from Turkey.

The aim was very obvious: introducing the new Lancome Visionnaire. Rüya Büyüktetik will post a selfie with the Lancome Visionnaire and ask all Turkish women to try and see the results of Visionnaire cream while making this call a challenge. Using the hashtags #ichallengeyou #lancomevisionnaire #sharethedifference and tagging @lancometurkey. Interested women will use the product for 4 weeks and post their selfies with the outcome they will achieve on their skin to instagram. They will #sharethedifference with everyone. Of course there is a surprise gift package for the winner J, which is very much appealing for all the women.

According to the campaign, customers would be included to perform in the process of selling the product. As can be seen customers were to be encouraged to shop online or offline from Lancome via Facebook or Instagram.

The main idea of digital marketing is to impose the request and inspiration to the customer and as a result, they will buy the product.

After all, using a brand ambassador and especially a blogger who a group of people interested in what she’s introducing is one of the best ways of marketing while launching a new product. They’ve got a great number of subscribers and the brand can reach all these potential customers.

If you want to learn more about my project you can click on the link below and check my presentation

Selen Lancome Visionnaire Digital Marketing Project


Since I’ve started writing about the brand Lancome, I would like to continue from there.

“Luxury brands can’t get customers the ways that they used to anymore,” said Maureen Mullen, Director of Research and Advisory Services at L2 Think Tank, New York.

“The rise of media networks like Facebook spurred innovations and forced brands to get creative about marketing.” *

Lancome and also a very well known competitor Aveda – owned by Estée Lauder Companies are the high-end beauty brands. Thanks to their digital marketing strategies focusing largely on social media and videos, they have large number of audiences.

They have one of the very top websites in this sector. Their websites; Lancome , Aveda are interactive and user friendly which is the very essential two main points that are asked for in constructing a website and used for digital marketing later.

How to initiate and manage the online conversations with customers is very important. For this both of the companies, Lancome and Aveda in this case have contact information. They encourage their customers to contact them and ask any questions they have in mind. They both do that because there is a real WOM effect. WOM effect, which is referred, as Word Of Mouth effect is real and it’s very fast and influencing. Customers talk to each other recommend or dispraise a product or a brand. It’s viral. In order to block those bad comments, these companies have to make themselves available for the consumer’s to reach and discuss their doubts and problems. With this technique, those problems can be solved.

25% of a brand’s website score is about brand translation elements and the rest represents technology incorporation, user interface and transaction orientation.

They also use e-mailing a lot for sure. The highest-ranking luxury brand, Lancome, was considered one of the top email marketers. The brand sent out an average of 3.8 million emails a week.

Digital marketing also includes the creative social marketing which is a whole another aspect of study. It’s about social media. When we talk about social media nowadays, the very first 4 organizations came to our mind are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. These two companies have strong audiences at those social media accounts they have.

According to Ms. Mullen, Facebook is the best marketing platform amongst others. I agree to this point. Because Facebook has a huge role promoting a brand, it’s a worldwide, reliable organization and everyone uses it. Therefore, companies have the opportunity to reach all those users, worldwide. Here, you can take a look at Lancome Facebook page and Aveda Facebook page and witness how active they are with their own campaigns, videos and advertisements.

Youtube is the second very huge social media tool in my opinion. For instance, Lancome in this case has received more then 3 million views by the videos from its brand ambassador, Michelle Phan, giving makeup tips. You can see the videos of Michelle Phan using Lancome products by clicking here : Michelle Phan using Lancome products .


To be continued…











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