Technology Industry in Digital Marketing

How Apple uses Digital Marketing

There is lots of research done on digital consumer behavior. As it’s been discussed in the previous entry, data collection is very essential to analyze those behaviors. However those behaviors also change according to the time people was born into. The technology giant firm Apple, searches consumer behavior in the way no other company does and make innovations accordingly. That’s why I wanted to have an entry just on the fascinating company “Apple” labeled in the technology industry.

There are three market segments which are of great interest of e-marketers; millennials, kids and online opinion leaders.

Millennials are born between 1979-2000. They are very confident and very much connected with their phones and online life. Generally speaking, millennials use their phones 74% in bed and %54 in the bathroom. %93 use Internet and %84 have a social network profile. Overall, they love digital world. To be honest, that really sounds like me (Born in 1994)

As a marketer, if you made the necessary analysis about each category of potential shoppers you will know how to direct them and turn the market into their shopping area.

Millennials like omni-channel marketing, they want to reach anything from their loved mobile phones, learn about what is necessary and what is not plus, they would like to access the information needed, they don’t care about ownership.

Kids are the ones who were born after 2000’s and each day their interest in online is increasing. Kids aged between 8-16 prefer to spend lots of their time being online; playing games, watching games, learning things, downloading apps, chatting with friends etc.

Online opinion leaders are the ones who influence people. They are more open-minded and have no doubts about trying something new. So, they make people follow their leads. They construct the %10 of the population and %15 of Internet users.

Coming back to our topic, technology is inevitable and Apple is one of the most path-breaking and innovative companies we have in the world. Apple knows how to use the demands of each category of people, how to answer their needs. Therefore, they try to make life easier and more enjoyable for them. Who can say no to an easier and more enjoyable life ?

From “marketing at customers” they go to “marketing as a service” to satisfy each category demands. They search, monitor socially, track online, mobile ad in-store activities. They work especially on millennials, which dominate the huge number of the market. They made it possible for them to make quick searches and access the information they needed. They made life so much easier for them with the applications they have that they are no longer be able to live without their smartphones.

If you haven’t met yet, Meet Apple Pay :

Apple Pay” for example, is introduced to the market last summer. It’s a new digital marketing tool not only has consumer benefits but also brings a major plus for the retail sector. Although, in line with our topic, it s a very fresh and well-thought tool for the digital marketers to play with.


The new Apple Pay technology takes the contactless payment industry one step further. It allows the customers to spend easily and faster in online by just clicking on their smartphones, iPads or iWatches. Click for more information about Apple’s products

Digital marketers would be able to track the purchasing habits across different platforms online or offline and they would be able to make analysis and find patterns between them. Henceforth, they would be allowed to build a profile.

The application “Wallet” which later came up, allows customers to put all their credit and debit card details and thanks to the ‘Add to Passbook’ button, they can have all the tickets they purchased and all the receipts in just one place. This makes us go back to Omni-channel, which was the usage of variety of channels integrated to each other, consistently.

Apple uses the pioneer advantage very well on digital marketing. Their strategies, which are a mixture of proactive and reactive, gain the attention of digital marketers as well as customers. Their innovations are successful not only because they listen for the needs of millennials, kids and opinion leaders but also because they’re being very creative for their inventions to add value to their customers.



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