Transportation Industry in Digital Marketing

How Transportation Industry Uses Digital Marketing

There are 7 P’s of marketing; place, product, price, promotion, people, process and physical environment. For digital marketing those have different meanings.

In digital world, you don’t have an actual, real place, it’s a representation. Your product has a digital value and as a consumer you would only experience the brand. Price is transparent, you wouldn’t care about the money that much compared to your offline purchase. There is an integration on promotion and promotions are mixture of online and offline so you should follow it in both sides. People make researches and they train themselves according to the information they get. There are lots of strategies applied to the customers. Process is through the web and there is only online physical evidence of your product.

Digital marketing is around those 7 P words. But the importance to each of them changes according to the industry. Here, in transportation industry, companies mostly care about the price, promotion and process.

Transportation companies for air, railroad or bus for example makes lots of price centered promotions. It’s because a huge number of people’s first intention is getting from a place to another. They don’t look for additional services or great comfort, they just want to go to that place in the fastest, cheapest way they can.

Parallel to this request, together with the knowledge of great interest on websites and mobile world customers have, new websites and mobile applications emerged.

Skyscanner for instance is a price comparison website mainly used for searching the cheapest flights. Lots of companies have cooperation with this website to increase their visibility and recognition.

Companies like Easyjet, Ryanair, Vueling are making it cheaper for their customers to fly over countries. All you have to do is to subscribe to their websites and monitor their promotions. They have demand based pricing systems. For example, if there is a huge demand on the flight from Paris to Barcelona in a period of time, they would increase the number of flights and make promotions to their loyal customers.

Some companies like SNCF have different types of cards having different kinds of deals according to the customers. For example if you’re between 12-26 years old, you get the chance to buy a Youth card for 49 Euro and you will have up to %60 discounts buying SNCF train tickets for 1 year.

Additionally, those companies make themselves very accessible using another digital marketing with a promising future which is the mobile world.

mobile world

They all have their own mobile application, making it easier for their customers to buy tickets, track their tickets, their transportation and every other detail they want to hear about. They make the process so simple that it’s as if buying a water from the market, and actually easier then that. You just have to click on the transportation suits you the best. You don’t need to open your computer; you can buy your tickets anywhere, anytime you want. Plus, all you have to do after your purchase is to show the attendants your special barcode. No more loosing tickets!

It’s great isn’t it ?



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