Service Industry in Digital Marketing

Service Industry in Digital Marketing

Service sector isn’t easy. Actually, comparing it with the other industries it’s very hard. It is very tangible and can be very subjective. Marketing a product, marketers only need to deal with the certain customers that tend to buy, product is there, and they will like it or not. It’s still a matter of approach but not as much as it is in service sector. Here, service quality is not the same everywhere, it’s easier to manipulate marketing since it’s not physical and it’s all about experience, which is totally subjective and depend on customers’ perspectives.

In addition, there are some consequences of services. Finished services can’t be inventoried; demand can exceed supply any day and there is a huge WOM effect. Under those circumstances, there is a higher risk when purchasing service compared to a product.

All in all, companies provide service should be much more careful and attentive then any other services. Plus since everyone now has a word to comment on anything, as a service provider, you would want to make sure, they will write a good feedback about you.

There are some online elements of service quality; tangibles, reliability, responsiveness and assurance with empathy. The website should be easy to use has to have a high service and content quality. It should provide service every time; it should be available and return to the e-mails or any kind of messages that customer’s intent to send to the company. Privacy shouldn’t be violated and there should be full security, before and after the service. for example, is a very famous website and a service company provides suitable hotels to fit their customers needs. They get help from some of digital marketing tricks, for the customers to use their website but not others.


As can be seen from the screenshot above. When there is a search made about “Five star hotels in Paris”, appears the first. Customers would be clicking on the first search result.

The role of search engines is inevitable in services sector. People won’t go directly to the service providers’ website but they search for example on Google about a hotel. That’s why %45 on digital budged is allocated to search.

There are 3 main definitions to be known; SEO- Search Engine Optimization, SEA- Search Engine Advertising (Pay-per-click) and SEM. SEO is affecting the visibility of a website or a web page, it’s an unpaid result so it’s a natural process. At a SEA, as a company you pay for advertisement however you only make the payment when the customer clicks on your advertisement, so it’s a win-win case. Since this is an advertisement it’s not natural, it will appear in for example right hand side of the search engine. So in general, SEO and SEA creates SEM. Search engine marketing is briefly the Internet marketing and it is there for the visibility of the websites or web pages, to lead customers.

There are search engine analyses to understand customer behavior. Google Analytics, for instance is the best way to understand popularity of different words according to different locations all around the world, different type of customers according to their age or gender etc. The Google Adwords system calculates a ‘Quality Score’ for each of the keywords. It looks to several factors, your keywords’ relevancy and to a user’s search query. A higher Quality Score means that your keyword will trigger ads in a higher position.

It applies for not only services sector but also to all the companies, who are willing to increase their visibility. Digital marketing is the key for visibility.








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